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Reading is C.O.R.E.

A "Reading Across the Curriculum" WEBQUEST

Sarah, Plain and Tall

Created by Nikki Davenport, Fourth Grade Teacher

Jackson Park Elementary, University City School District, University City, MO


University City School District Web Page:




THE PROCESS:  Follow these steps and web links to accomplish your task.

Your teacher will provide you with materials to make your Sarah, Plain and Tall journal in which you will do all your assignments.  Decorate the cover and number your pages.  

Here is a list of vocabulary words for you to put in your journal and when you find them in your reading, define what they mean in your journal.  Add any other words you don't understand to make your vocabulary list complete,  

Vocabulary Words:

dusk        hearthstone            slab

feisty      rascal                    prairie

pesky       shingles                 slick

eerie        flax                      paddock

dune         pitchfork              tumbleweed

gullies      killdeer                 whickering

squall       pungent                 milled

How many of these words can you draw?

How many of these words name kinds of places?

How many of these words describe things?

Go here to find definitions:

Explore character in the story by working with a partner to describe character traits for the characters in the story:

        Anna, Caleb's older sister

        Caleb, Anna's younger brother

        Papa (Jacob Witting), Father of Anna and Caleb

        Sarah, Papa's new wife

        William, Sarah's brother

        Matthew, Neighbor

         Maggie, Matthew's wife

         Rose and Violet, daughters of Matthew and Maggie

After describing the characters in your journal, use describing words to describe your own character to your partner.

After reading Chapter's 1, 2, and 3 answer these questions in your journal:

1.  Why do you think Papa has forgotten the old songs?

2.  What do you think Anna asked Sarah in her letter?

3.  How do you think Sarah feels when she first sees the farm?

After reading Chapter's 4, 5, and 6 answer these questions in your journal:

1.  Why do you think the dogs love Sarah?

2.  Why does Sarah draw pictures to send home?

3.  How does the author describe the prairie?

Go here to learn more:

Prairie explorations

After reading Chapters 7, 8, and 9 answer these questions in your journal:

1.  Why do you think Maggie knows that Sarah is lonely?

2.  Why does Sarah want to learn how to drive the wagon and go to town?

3.  Why are Sarah's shells at the bottom of the bag of food the family eats in the barn during the storm?

Go here to learn more:

Maine Coastline

Sea Shell Facts

Compile a list of wildflowers mentioned in the story and tell how the wildflowers add to the environment.  Put wildflower illustrations in your journal.

Go here to learn more:

Pasture Rose

Explore seashells and include a page in your journal on seashell names with illustrations.

Go here to learn more:

To finish your journal, write a prediction to tell what you think happens after the story.  Don't forget to illustrate your prediction page!
Move now to the EVALUATION page to evaluate your journal.